Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The worlds oldest person... well isn't anymore.

The world’s oldest person 114 year old, Yone Minagawa passed away yesterday. She was from Tokyo Japan. Think of all things she has seen in her life… well the entire 20th century kind of sums it up. My favorite part about the CNN article written about her death is the part when an official from the nursing home talks about her last few days before death. Toshiro Tachibana states:

"Her appetite had been declining recently and her energy fading," Tachibana said. "The death was not sudden."
Really Toshiro Tachibana? Her death wasn’t sudden? It took her 114 years to die. She was old, really really old and nothing that happens to a 114 year old could be sudden. I would be more shocked walking in her room everyday and she was alive. “AHHH it is the crypt keeper coming to bore me with his lame puns, nope just and old japanese woman I can't understand.”

I know I am not making it to 114, if I make it to 30 I will be happy. I drink way too much to keep my body around for that long. If I make it to 70 I am going to go out like the Native Americans. I am going to walk into the wilderness and live on my own for the 3 hours I'd make it. Or I can become a crazy recluse and not cut my front lawn. Make kids afraid to come to my house on Halloween and have their parents tell them to never enter my yard. The only problem with that is I hate cats. So I would have to buy monkeys or penguins. They are more my style.

*interesting true fact: In the Old Testament it says that when God realized that people were living to long he made it so that no human can live to be over 120 years old.

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Mr. Book said...

Man, she's so old you can't even tell she's Japanese.