Monday, August 6, 2007

Chocolate Rain...The New Internet Craze

Well I must say after watching this video for the first time I finally understood why this video is so that's what Steve Urkel has been up to! This video is living proof that each and every person matures differently than others. Apparently, Steven Q. Urkel's body was waited for him to get off TV and out of the family rooms of American families before allowing him to go through puberty, clearly shown by his new deep voice. Only in America can a person become famous, then fall off the face of the Earth, and then become famous again (also shown by the case of the infamous Dustin Diamond aka Screech).

Also, I must add is it just me of does this kid seem to have the worst case of ticks you have ever seen. I mean come on, after every verse he needs to move his head, not his whole body, just his head away from the mic to take a breath.......please that's like me saying I eat a lot because I have a fast metabolism. I want to know who this man's publicist is because I'm sure they are either fired or in the process of being fired and as we all know, I'm still unemployed. Hey Urkel if your reading this here's what I would have said is the reason behind your nervous tick..."I just farted and it smells so bad I had to move away".

Well, in the end I have to say the best part about this video is the fact that it completes the trilogy of internet crazes by people with glasses. Of course I'm talking about "The Star Wars Kid" and "The Numa Numa Guy". And now for your viewing please some of my favorite screen caps from the video...

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