Friday, October 3, 2008

Save the Boobs!

Hi friends, in honor of Lee's Denim Day, I'm offering to provide breast exams fully free of charge to the first 100 women to participate in this exclusive offer. Restrictions apply: no fatties or uggos, unless the uggos have crazy good bodies and wear bags over their head and promise never to show me their faces.

In all seriousness, please click the link above and donate a few bucks to breast cancer research - 1 in 9 women in the world will develop breast cancer and 1 out of every 2 people you know have breasts (plus, here's a little known fact: men can actually get breast cancer, but we try to macho it up by saying "pec cancer" or "chest cancer"). Unfortunately, this disease has a high chance of hitting close to home at some point in your life.

But seriously, boobs...