Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Emo isn’t cool…and your not suicidal

Ok, is it just me or has this whole “emo” thing gone on way too long. So yesterday I was sitting in my house minding my own business aka napping when the mail so came. So I figured hey there might be some cool free stuff today so let me check it out…boy was I wrong. The only free thing I got in the mail that day was a headache and a feeling of disgust. I had received a free magazine which consisted of emo clothing lines. I swear man no line, every single kid in the magazine looked exactly the same, long hair, tight clothes, and the look as if they were about to cry. I’m pretty sure in one picture I saw two guys tongue kissing with another guy standing in the background crying.
I understand that music brings about a lot of cool fashion trends…like the hippies and the punks….but this is seriously really really gay. At least those two movements stood for something…free love and then the flip side anarchy, but they at least stood for something! What does this emo trend stand for…men wearing women’s jeans, going to the salon to get their hair done just right, and kissing guys? Oh my god…I’m getting another headache…Ok ok must calm down. Like seriously, when I used to ask my parents about the days of the “hippy” it always seemed so exciting to live in a time like that. Free love, lots of drugs, rock and roll…I mean what more could a person want. I feel like when I grow up and my kids ask me about the days of the “emo” I will tell them all about it, then they will look at me, most definitely laugh in my face, and then kick me in the balls.
Lastly, I have to talk about this whole suicide thing that goes along with being emo. In this day and age what is the biggest problem a kid faces in the United States…that their parents bought them the 30gig iPod instead of the 80gig? Wow, kids today have it tough, I don’t know how they can survive in a world with only 30gigs of music in their pocket. Does anyone remember cassettes… because I do and they only held 2 songs….and that was the good cassette! I also don’t remember any kids pretending to be suicidal when cassette players were around. Kids in the United States aren’t starving (although I am which is kind of ironic), they aren’t living in a world with no running water, and they aren’t living in a world with no medical supplies…but guess what, a lot of people are, and I don’t se them pretending to be suicidal….or even being suicidal for real. So in conclusion, I think it’s time we American’s take a stand against this emo wave, and always remember… United We Stand, Divided We Fall… and emo sucks.

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