Thursday, August 16, 2007

Having Kids Should NOT be a Right it Should Be a Privilege.

All over the world thousands of children die everyday. Whether from hunger, sickness, or war the fact of the matter is children are the most important thing in the world and without them there is nothing. As the Italians say "as long as there is life, there is hope".

Unfortunately some people who really shouldn't be having kids have them, causing the child to have a horrible life. For instance in China there is a couple attempting to name their baby "@". That's right, no typo there... They want to name their kid "@"...

What the hell is that? Do you know what you are doing to this kid before he is even born? You are making him stand out to be ridiculed for his childhood, no more then that his life. He can't even fill out his name on a standardized test! I have a friend named BJ, (ha-ha blow job) but he is applying for jobs right now and telling them his name is Will. You honestly think a company is going to hire a person named @. What about he work email address? TERRIBLE JOB CHINA!!!! do not let this happen.

Think of the Children... Think of the Children!

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