Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2 People I hate (part 2)

I'm just gonna jump right into it. The 2nd person that pisses me the f*ck off is the human bobblehead better known as the verizon FIOS kid. It wasn't cute in the first commercial when the Verizon FIOS tech tried to explain what he does to a 5 year old without dumbing it down and the kid replied ''Nice Truck."

Then, what we didn't see between commercial 1 and commerical 2 is what transpired between the Tech and the kid. Kid goes ''Nice Truck" Tech goes "wanna see the inside," and the kid doesn't know better so he goes "Yeah!"

That escapade did not end well for the kid. Although I do not exactly know what transpired, "IT'S NOT TRUE QUAM" was heard being yelled out of the back of the truck (or so say my sources - thanks Book).

We moved on to commercial 2, where it's the same premise, but now the kid's dad is in place of the kid. And the commercial ends with the kid telling his father "You should see [the back of] his truck." Well, nice job Verizon. This kid is going to be the next poster child for NAMBLA AND every night he's going to be crying himself to sleep on his giant pillow.

Note to self: write letter to Verizon telling them they stink...something like:
Dear Verizon,
Get a better spokesperson and better writers. Your commercials stink and that kid annoys the piss outta me.

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