Monday, August 13, 2007

Pacman Jones Wrestling?

No I am not talking about wrestling with his inner demons or wrestling with his legal problems I am talking about actually wrestling. He has been hired by second rate wrestling Federation TNA. I guess Pacman views this as a way to make some money as he sits out for the NFL season because of his multiple legal problems. Of course the Tennessee Titans have ban him from doing any physical activity for TNA but just the fact that he wants to participate in this is what gets me.

Will wrestling help Pacman Jones? Yes it will, it will help him like Ryder helped the Timothy McVeigh (to much?). Letting a guy with a laundry list of legal problems go into an event in which people are hitting, throwing and dressing (spandex, no lie) like they do is not going to help anything.

Pacman you want something to help you? How about staying out of trouble, keeping a low profile, volunteering at a hospital, and oh yeah, and not shooting people? That one is a big one.

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