Thursday, August 30, 2007

Attention KMart Shoppers, please get naked...or die

Apparently, the new scam that has been pulled on 15 stores across 11 states over the last week is this: the scammer will call up a grocery store, Kmart, etc. and demand that all the customers in the store get naked...or he'll blow their shit up. Just a small aside, the scammer also asks that money be wired to his account. Most recently, this happened in Hutchinson, Kansas.
Why Kansas? I've been...there's fat people and, um, fat people in training. This is one of the dumbest scams I've ever heard of. I'm pretty sure a horny 13 year old whose computer has a site blocker and TV has a v-chip is the mastermind behind this. What the hell else can be the logic behind it?
The FBI released this warning "...the threat appears to be related to a plot in recent days focusing on banks and stores in places like Detroit, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia and Newport, R.I." Thank you, FBI. So we know we can't go into stores or banks in places like Salt Lake City and Newport. Has ANY PLACE been eliminated?
And this, my friends, is just piss in the ocean as to why I hate people.

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