Friday, August 31, 2007


In a shocking turn of events, 10 WWE wrestlers have been suspended for steroid use… WHAT!?!?!? I know, I am just as shocked as you are. I can’t believe guys that look like that D-bag are on steroids. That looks all natural to me. I mean he kind of looks small compared to the guy in that mirror… oh yeah ladies…

What I don’t understand is, these guys aren’t really competing. *This just in: wrestling is fake* why are they getting kicked out for steroid use? There is no advantage when everything is scripted. If I take steroids can my job fire me? I mean they would probably have to fire me because all the women in my office would stop working and follow me around like lost puppies. But can they fire me just for using? Maybe they can, maybe they can’t, but all I know is I haven’t watched wrestling since I was 6 and even then I never thought it would be awesome to wear Speedo’s and rub on other men.

I can understand people wanting steroids out of real sports, a place where steroids can change things that actually matter to people. But taking steroids out of wrestling would be like taking Indian’s out of cab driving. It is a good idea, but then there will be only 6 cabs left.

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Kramer said...

Come on now. Without steroids in wrestling I wouldn't be able to threaten to pull a Chris Benoit on my girlfriend when she pisses me off. Seriously, it is pointless removing something that doesn't actually have an impact.