Monday, August 20, 2007

2 People I Hate

I have a severe problem with two people in society these days. Actually, I have a problem with a hell of a lot more than 2 people, but I want to take this time out to single these two out, because they bug the living f*ck outta me. And sadly, they’re both way under half my age.

Offender 1: The Texas Instruments DLP TV spokesgirl.

You may better know her as the little girl with the elephant and a box of mirrors where her punch line is “It’s amazing! It’s the mirrors.” If your dumbass doesn’t recall who I’m talking about, here’s the link:

No. What’s amazing is you have a pet F*CKING elephant! If I brought a pet f*cking elephant home, my ass would’ve been kicked through my stomach and esophagus before making its way out my mouth. On top of that, your parents let you wade in the middle of a body of water in the middle of f*cking nowhere with your stupid pet f*cking elephant. But no. You’re amazed by a stupid box that emits a ray of light (not unlike Madonna).

I’ve seen boxes that emit light that are way better than your stupid box. How bout Lite Brite! You could stick pegs in a board in the shape of a clown, flip a switch and BAM! You have a light up f*cking clown! Or EZ Bake Oven. With EZ Bake, at least the end result is a batch of awful muffins…or your house burning down. Now THAT is a box of light to be impressed with.

Until you learn to love Stampey, and throw that f*cking box in the water, I hate you TI DLP girl. If anyone is left reading, I’ll throw up a 2nd post later to rant about the other idiot I can’t stand. Until then, feel free to speculate on who it is (unless you clowns already have the inside scoop – you keep your holes shut).

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