Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I am Anna Nicole Smith-ed out... How about you?

This has gotten ridiculous, the woman died like 6 months ago and she is still being brought up in the news? First of all her death wasn't that shocking, did you ever watch her show (neither did I) the woman was a mess. She was obviously drugged out of her mind. Then the whole media circus about who is the father of her baby, I mean that was a complete mockery of a child's life. That poor kid is going to grow up with stupid shit going on all around her because the media will not shut up about this. So I will skip my real feelings about this situation and get to the new crap...

Apparently there is a video of her breast implant surgery recorded by the doctor that performed it. OK great what the hell does that mean. Well I guess he is trying to sell it and that homosexual lawyer Anna hung around with is trying to stop the sale of the tape (stop me when you start caring about this). This is makes me angry and disgusted for 2 reasons.

1. There are people out there that actually want to see someone perform breast implant surgery and not for educational purposes? Don't get me wrong, boobs are awesome, AWESOME and if someone needs some help and they get implants, hey more power too them. A matter of fact, I see (download) them everyday. But are there really people out there that want to see them being sliced and slid in? Are they sitting there going, "Hey you get to see boobs." yeah you know what else you see blood, cutting, sawing, fat and (I tried to come up with more and vomited in my mouth). What kind of pervert would buy that tape? It is so disturbing it is going to be in my dreams tonight. Seriously, I can understand fetishes, ask me if I like feet... "Yeah, I am down with feet." But this is absurd.
2. There are judges, court times, and tax dollars being spent because some loser wants to buy a tape of a woman that died 6 months ago breast surgery. I guess it is so important that we have to stop that some how??? NO it isn't. I would rather it be sold and me never knowing about it then have to deal with reports about what is going to happen with the tape.
Please Everyone, SHUT UP about Anna Nicole Smith. It's over man, game over.

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Loki said...

Worst picture ever! Her mouth looks like the rolling stones logo, she's doin the fonz, and her torso looks like a grain silo. but this does once again prove my theory that america is in love with strippers. i mean, this broad was the poster child for (back before 2000something and 2006ish and after), dumb as a stump, and when she spoke she made you go "wow, i'm not really THAT dumb." don't get me wrong all, you're still dumb - just not anna nicole dumb.