Monday, August 6, 2007

Rehab? Really? Again?

So Lindsay Lohan is going back to rehab? Why? Just because you get pulled over driving drunk, chasing people with cocaine in your pocket doesn’t mean you go to rehab. It usually means you go to jail. Saying anything about the situation of the young female “celebrities” being out of control would be worthless because that is obvious.

My question is what the hell do you do in rehab? I thought it was supposed to help you break your habit and get sober. Obviously that is not happening in these cases. So why keep going back to them? That would be like telling Bruce Banner he is a pussy everyday. You know he is just going to turn into the Hulk and kick your ass. Why bother doing it?

What I do want to bring up is the safety of our children. These “celebrities” are out there and young girls see them and no, I don’t think any of them look up to these “celebrities” I mean they are actually out there. In cars, I mean when I have kids I am not going to let them cross the street they might get killed by Hitlon or Lohan.

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