Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brokeback Penguins?

Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell’s new book “And Tango Makes Three” has come under fire recently. It is a children’s book, based on a true story about two male penguins that raise a baby penguin. There have been 546 complaints about this book calling for it to be removed from libraries due to its homosexual undertones. Now I haven’t read the book personally but unless there is some male on male penguin ass slamming I am really not worried about this “corrupting” our youth. If they want to cancel something with homosexual under tones they should have cancelled Heman the cartoon. There was more ass patting in that then anything I have ever seen.

Plus since when do we live in Nazi Germany? What are we going to have a giant book burning? Are we going to start hunting and killing all the penguins on the earth because two males raised a baby? They should kill Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer for that horrible show Two and a Half Men, same story except the penguins aren’t all coked out and scoring with hookers.

I am not homosexual myself, (if you don’t believe me just read any of my other posts) but I really think everyone has to chill out when it comes to persecuting anyone and removing books. People claim they are trying to help our youth. Does our youth create their own video games? Their own fatty foods? Their own drugs (huffing spray paint is soooo making a come back)? No the generation before them is what fucked them up. So rather then trying to protect your children from books how about you don’t buy them McDonald's everyday. Encourage them to read a books and news to help them expand their minds. Talk to them once in awhile.

And just for the record, a book can’t turn a child into a homosexual… only your shitty parenting can do that.


Kramer said...

Holy Sh*t. People are nuts. I like the Heman reference. Also, Ren and Stimpy! come on, I'm sure most of us were huge fans and that show was soooo gay, but none of us are. By the way, Two and a Half Men is a great show.

Johnny McNugget said...

Did it ever occur to the people tryng to ban the book that maybe the two male adult penguins aren't gay. Maybe one of them had the baby and it's wife died so his best friend agreed to help him raise the baby penguin. Yeah, we really need to ban books that might make people actually be nice to one another. I mean come on, just because we are of the same sex doesn't mean we have to be nice to one another, because if a guy is nice to another guy if definetly means he wants to bend him over the know the rest. God I hate people sometimes.

Mr. Book said...

Yeah, look at other great cinema. Full House, Three Men and a Baby, My Two Dads. All not gay. All raising kids. Okay. Full House took place in San Francisco. And Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey were a LITTLE close. Jesse was definitely a butch and Joey a bitch. I'm sorry. I'll Cut-It-Out.