Friday, August 10, 2007

Second Life...More Like NO LIFE!

In an age where computers control most of the aspects of our lives, a new age cult of gamers have stumbled upon something new, a game in which the computer controls your entire life. Yes that's right ladies and gentleman, your ENTIRE life. The game is called "Second Life" and its gripping the world by storm.
The game is one of many new games that revolves around the idea of a virtual world, kind of like "World of Warcraft", except without anything to kill or even do for that matter. Yes, in "Second Life" you basically just live your life in a virtual world and hang out all day. Almost like a virtual reality simulation of college life right....WRONG! This game requires you to use real money and exchange it for fake money inside the game so you can make your character look cool and have nice a cool shirt or a pimp ass ride yo! I know what your much could something really cost in a virtual world, I mean come on in the real world I can get 5 nugs at Wendys for 99 cents. Well think again, the luxury of our own private island in the game will run you a little over $1,600....not including utilities.
Ok is it just me or does this game seem as stupid as the idea of clear coca-cola!? Seriously, I mean who in their right would play a game like this. Look you wanna play a game that's cutting edge and keeps you on your toes...uhhhh how about you play the new Madden that's coming out? I mean its basically the same thing, you can create yourself, give yourself cool clothes, and live your life in a virtual reality world...oh and did I mention, its all FREE. The game I'm assuming will cost around $50, but after that first payment anything else you do in the game is FREE!
The reason why I decided to do a post about a game that's been out since 2003 is because of its recent lawsuit. Ok listen to this, apparently some high tech laboratory invented software for the game to make your characters have sex. Also, the software has been coded for specific furniture and objects (sex objects) so your character...not you, but YOUR CHARACTER can have the night of their lives. Did I mention that this software costs only a measly $45. Ok so here's the story, apparently come person out there got the software and made illegal copies of it and sold it to the virtual world. What bothers me here is not the idea that some person made a sex code, but rather that people out there are actually buying it!!! What this means is that Joe Schmoe is sitting at his computer desk somewhere getting off to his virtual self ravage and seduce a virtual female...hopefully. Hey asshole here's an idea for you. Instead of spending all this time and money trying to score virtual pussy, why don't you take your money, get a gym membership and some nice clothes and try to close a girl in real life!!!


Anonymous said...

I think it's laughable in general that people pay for pictures on a website; but I couldn't agree more: If this game is so realistic, why not go outside and get a real job and talk to real people?!

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