Thursday, August 9, 2007

F-You Brett Ratner

From the man that f'ed up the final installment of the X-Men trilogy comes Rush Hour 3 (he did the rest of the Rush Hours as well, but only 1 was really good). Now when I saw X-Men: Last Stand, I almost shit myself. They took out my favorite character (Cyclops), thus losing the dynamic between him, Wolverine, and Jean Grey. They had a crappy Storm (Halle Berry) take over as a leader, which I wasn't such a fan of in the comics when Storm was actually cool. And they changed the Juggernaut, Cain Marko, the man that HATED mutants due to his parents' favoring of step-brother Charles Xaiver so much that he found the Ruby of Cyttorak that made him unstoppable. But the Juggernaut in the movie was a mutant and did not wear his helmet containing the jewel, thereby being completely different. Also, the REAL Juggernaut was bigger. Psht.

Well anyways. Watching that movie, one thinks, man, who is the fag that ruined this movie. Then I read an article on Brett Ratner (click on the picture). Apparently there is a scene in the new Rush Hour movie that recounts Ratner's first bj... from a man. But he didn't know she/he/it was a man, so that's ok.

"My first blow job was from a man, but I didn’t know it was a man... It happens to a lot of people."

Ok, hands up, who got their first mouth massage from a dude that was pretending to be a chick? Oh, no one?

"That happens to a lot of heterosexuals. You meet a girl in a bar, and it turns out she’s not a girl."
"That specific idea was because it’s happened to me. It’s happened to my friends. We’ll get together with a girl, and it’ll turn out to be a guy. The reaction is 'Oh, shit!' if you’re not gay, which is funny, I think."


This guy is so out of touch. I mean, c'mon, killing Cyclops? Nuff said.

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