Friday, August 17, 2007

Why would you do that to yourself???

What the hell are these? I walk around and see people wearing them and it just makes me scratch my head. Why are people wearing extremely bright colored rubber slippers? And then it hit me… “OHHHHHH, they want to look like complete assholes!”

I don’t claim to be a fashion aficionado but I honestly can’t see these things matching anything ever owned by anyone. Every time I see someone wearing these I want to punch them in the face then take two nails and shove them in my eyes. They are so ridiculous looking; they look like something that should be worn in a mental institution so the patients can’t hurt themselves with regular shoes.

“But they are sooooooo comfortable.” How about this, you can wear those things but I get to kick you in the liver every time you wear them. This way you can become a man and wear some real shoes and not bitch like a little whinny baby. I don’t care if it feels like you are walking on clouds, because it makes you look like you can fly up and touch them you fairy. Ok all homosexual jokes aside. If you wear these things you love:
1.Prince and his music.
2.The movie The Breakfast Club.
3.Rainbow flags, stickers and Speedos.
4.Killing fat women and making a suit out of their skin tucking your junk between your legs and dancing with your poodle.


Mr. Book said...

Best... Post... EVER!

Justin said...

that was pretty funny

Kramer said...

What's wrong with the Breakfast Club? I can relate, my dad gave me a carton of cigarettes for Xmas