Friday, August 3, 2007

Beckham is to the US as ____ is to Bill Gates…..

A) His whole fortune
B) Half his fortune
C) $20
D) I still don't care about soccer

CORRESCT ANSWER: C (Although I'm sure most of you picked D, the correct answer is C and here's why.)

First off let us analyze the game of soccer....from an American point of view. I remeber being a young boy and counting down the minutes until recess so I could go outside and be with my best friends for a good ole game of soccer. Man those were the days, a nice lite lunch followed by 45 minutes of intense competition with the best kids in my school. I remeber pretending to be some of my favorite players from around the world, and imitating their every move. Sometimes I would pretend to switch players so I could have the amazing attributes of each player. My most fondest memory of soccer had to be when my team and I won the 4th grade soccer tournament. A tournament spanning 3 recesses my fellow teamates and I defeated 2 other teams to be crowned the 4th grade champions. I remeber it like it was yesterday. We were tied at 9-9 and recess was about to be over....the ball rolled to be ever so gently...skipping over all the rocks and braches so it wouldn't take a bad was like destiny....and then I kicked the ball with all my strength and...BAM! INSIDE THE PARK HOME RUN!!!! We had won 10-9 and everyone in the grade wanted to be my friend....ah those were the days. I still don't understand why we Americans refer to kickball as soccer in this country, I always found that a little wierd. Oh wait a is called soccer in other countries??? Thats weird....what the hell is soccer?!

So you see my friends, the reason why C is the correct answer is because although Beckham is a tremendous athlete (at soccer) it really doesn't change how anyone feels about life. If Bill Gates came across a twenty dollar bill he would simply smile for a second or two, and then put the money in his back pocket, probabbly forgetting about it, and finding it in the exact same pocket a week later after his maid had washed his clothes...

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