Thursday, August 2, 2007

the 40 hour work week - a dangling carrot or a myth to keep us going?

what the f**k biscuits ever happened to the 40 hour work week? i don't think it ever existed, like the fountain of youth or the hot girl's hot friend (which ALWAYS ends up bein a fatty). let me break this down to the world. the day is 24 hours: 8 at work, 8 in bed, 8 personal hours - that's the CONCEPT behind the 40 hour work week - because, let's face it...even the Big Guy Upstairs rested. If He's restin one day - you better believe my ass needs at least two. sh*t, i can use three. i have yet to work a 40 hour week. granted during a typical week, i lose my patience for staring at a computer screen and wind up in a toys r us or checking all 10 floors of the building looking for the optimal place to pinch a loaf. i say we the people rise up against the over 40 hour work week, place our collective foot down and be like peace y'all...i've put in my time.

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