Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Reasony Why I'd Rather Eat Dog Crap Than Buy An iPhone

So here’s the story. A Pittsburgh blogger, by the name of Justine Ezarik recently purchased a brand new $600 dollar iPhone, because she needed it. Apparently, after receiving her first bill she was outraged. No not by the fact that is was $274, but by the fact that AT&T had the nerve to send her a detailed bill regarding her cell phone use. AT&T decided they will be nice to their customers and send them a detailed bill so if there are any disputes regarding the price of the bill it would be an easy fix. Boy were they wrong. Her bill was turned out to be 300 pages long. Why you ask, why…because on the bill they reproduced every single text message she sent for the last month. On average Justine said she sends 30,000 – 35,000 text messages a month….yeah that’s a lot. In case your wondering how much time she spends texting her important clients, I did the math for you.
Avg text= 20 sec
At least 60,000 sec texting a month
Adds up to 16.6 repeating hours of texting a month.
200 hours a year
8.3 repeating days a year spent texting!
Her biggest beef with the bill…“It’s a lot of waste”. I agree it is a lot of waste, but so is spending over 8 days a year texting your friends. Look Missy, your not the president, so stop trying to act like you're important. What's your job title that requires you to send that many text messages a month, let me guess, Most Annoying Girl On The Face Of The Earth, or Girl Who Thinks She’s More Important Than She Really Is? After seeing this video I realized why she sends so many texts rather than calling people, she’s a fucking retard. She tries to sound smart, which unfortunately she is not, and all she ends up doing is repeating herself over and over again about God knows what. Too bad she’s so hot, otherwise I could make this segment a lot more funny.
After bribing….I mean talking, some of the people at AT&T I managed to obtain a few sheets from her iPhone bill. Here are some of her “very important” and “very necessary” text messages.
1. This new iPhone is great, I can look at my gorgeous self in the mirror.
2. OMG I bought a new Louie Vaton purse and it’s nicer than yours.
3. People wish they were me.
4. LoLz like OMG ttyl!!!
5. My dog deserves Pellegrino.
6. If 1 + 1 = 2, then how come penguins can’t fly?
7. They need to make parking spaces bigger, I just dented my second brand new Lexus LS Hybrid, I have to save the environment.
8. Hey did you catch Newport Harbor last night, I can’t believe Clay did that.
9. Clay’s hot.
10. I wonder what Clay’s number is so I can text him.

Here’s the vid -

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