Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Classic PESUP

We at PESUP would like to take a few moments to reflect back on some of the classic posts that have kept us going and you reading. Hope you enjoy them. I had just as much fun the second time around. Without further ado:

Mr. Murdoch reflect on why in the world assholes wear Crocs

Johnny McNugget reflects on why in the world assholes have to ruin Facebook

Mr. Book's astute observations on the similarities between women and running backs

Loki reflects on the more-than-40-hour-work week


Dave A said...

wow these four posts were hilarious, they made my day..and all i have to look forward to in the day is a good BM...touche PESUP.

Puck said...

i was a late-comer to the site, so the 'Classic posts' angle was great.

as an aside, i think you guys should set up an RSS feed (or whatever) for the site. just a suggestion.

heh heh... crocs