Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ray J is Famous

I was browsing through Billboard's Hot 100 and almost shit a brick when I saw that Ray J, the guy barely known as the co-star in the Kim Kardashian sex tape and even less known as Brandy's brother, has the #16 song in the country right now. Why do you do insist on doing this to me, America? But the better question was why was I reading Billboard's Hot 100? I don't know. I do a lot of things I can't explain. Like that time I paid for sex with Bridget the Midget. I shouldn't have paid for sex with half a person. She should have paid me for sex with a full-sized person. I guess some people buy SUVs; other buy compacts. I rented a Smart car.


Sarah said...

i had a suitemate last year who was british and very short and we called her bridget the whole summer. stay away from her, though, in the future. i'm not saying anything...just sayin.

Puck said...

ya know.. i'm kind of glad that my sex isn't the one being compared to cars. i much prefer being paired with animals (you know... pig, dog, rat, etc)

fun game! decide whether your respective woman is an SUV, a compact, or a smart, and tell her! then you can get Loki to tape the ensuing... interchange (don't worry; he's into that)