Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen, Zero hour approaches. We are on red alert and everything looks like a go! A few final thoughts before we crack open those first delicious brews... Throughout the day you will see posts on this same blog entry. We will refresh it every hour or so, so that you get updates from us while being on this page. We will also do our best to upload photos, however I can see this getting much more difficult as time goes on.

Some names you might not know are Sir. Spread (a man that is no stranger to the PESUP office just never a contributor) and The Caretaker (named for the obvious reason). They will let you know the things that I would likely be leaving out. Hopefully you get some laughs out of this. I know we will.

9:04am- You might be asking yourself why are they showing me a picture of an empty table? Well trust me, as the day goes on that table will not be empty. We plan on building a giant tower of empty cans on there.


10:00am- While all you readers out there are slaving over computer screens, TPS reports, and powerpoint presentations...we will be drinking beer, watching movies, and playing catch (with each other's balls). LET THE GAMES BEGIN or Deje los Juegos Comenzar (for our large Spanish demographic)!!!


11:00am- There were many nay sayer's going into this magnificent feat of inebriation and unfortunately they were correct. Not even an hour in we had to add a fourth fierce competitor to this competition, Bud Light Bot. He adds the spunk and fortitude that will act as the catalyst necessary to bring us to victory and seat us atop mount Olympus. Wait its only an hour in and I am talking this gibberish, good lord this is going to be a long day.

-Sir Spread

12:00pm- So it's going as well as you would assume. We are pacing ourselves trying to keep occupied as the time passes and we aren't chugging beers. Here is a picture of the Bud Light Bot and the cans we have drank. Sure it doesn't look like a lot but trust me come back in three hours and it will be much more intense. So far we have just been joking an listening to music. Good times... for now.


1:00pm- Big news this hour, the Caretaker has appeared. For those of you who don't know, the Caretaker is our trusted ally who comes from The Planet of Work. This distant world is filled with people who spend their lives trying to be successful. I can only hope that someday I will have the drive and determination to visit this strange place, but as for now...I'm happy right here...with beer and zero self confidence. Also...Bud Light Bot has not stopped smiling at me and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable.


2:00pm- During this last fun filled hour McNugget has returned "the eye" to bud light bot. I think there relationship will bloom as the day continues. As far as Murdoch goes, he has been obsessing about his tallon pj's all day.

3:00pm- Hey all, this is The Caretaker's post. I arrive to find Murdoch, McNugget, Sir Spread and the Bud Light Bot grilling outside (have no fear...I shut off the grill after they were done!) The beer count for everyone is 12 beers each and in my opinion they are all giving "the eye" to the Bud Light Bot. Also, I think they all have a slight obsession with this guy Talan (if you do not know who this "stud" is...he is one of the guys from Laguna Beach..see site below

Well, I better go back downstairs and check on the guys...or maybe I should just check on BLB (what the guys are calling the Bud Light Bot) to make sure he isn't being harassed!

4:00pm: Well it is starting to hit. I have drank a few beers and it feels wonderful. Trust me, the more I drink the more dangerous this all gets. The tower is growing. Next post you will see the three towers come together and built the perfect storm of towers. By the way towers mean the empty cans that exist because of the amount of beer we have drank... 1 love


5:00pm- Sorry guys no tower pictures yet, Murdoch got really excited and never took a picture and I have no idea how to work his camera. He is currently downstairs singing "Party All The Time" by Eddie Murphy. In case your wondering I've begun relieving myself every half hour. We are staying on the pace of two brew dogs per hour, and it's really not that fun. If I could sum up my experience so far I'd say "I'm as nervous as a pre pubescent boy spending the night at Michael Jackson's house".


6:00 : I really hope that everything is going well with you. We have drank alot and at the part where drikning will directl.y affect. our drinking. later.


6:20: I am sorry for the preemptive post, but Murdoch is trying to compete with Bud Light Bot for McNugget's love. Also he is currently pulling the trigger in the bathroom so hopefully he will be able to post something worth reading the next time around. By the way if we had girls here this would have been supremely awesome, and I wouldn't have to j/o as I cry later.

7:00- Wow this is not as fun as I thought. We went outside to grill up some more meat obvi and I got attacked by mosquitos...prolly because my blood is so sweet. I have about 10 bites on me which happened in the matter of 15 minutes. Murdoch is still hammered and Spread seems to be on his way. Thank God the Caretaker made up spin dip as I have been nailing it for the past hour. Tune in at 8 for the exciting next chapter.


8:45pm- Hello again everyone, it's The Caretaker. I have been checking on the guys every hour and a half to two hours since 12:30pm. I arrived here 15 minutes ago to find Murdoch asleep in the recliner, McNugget half-asleep on the couch and Sir Spread is up and about cleaning. I'm guessing it's naptime! Hopefully you will see more posts later on!

10:15- This was the worst idea ever...



Loki said...

While I slave in front of this screen, at least one of you will be puking interesting shades of green. Who has it worse? Obvie - me. Good luck, gentlemen.

Mr. Book said...

How many beers are you guys at? You should put a count in every hour. I saw like 8 after 3 hours, but nothing since.

Sarah said...

is it particularly cold where you guys are? are you all wearing hats and scarves, or just bud light bot?

Loki said...

You guys ok? What is the count? Is Murdoch still alive and has McNugget finally had sex with BLB?

Puck said...

i hate to tell you all this, but BLB hacked your wireless, and was sending me love emails the entire time. and, even though he's my "special friend" now, he says to tell you (1) that he misses Spread's boisterous coyness, (2) Murdoch has wandering hands, and (3) for McNugget: "110001010010101001010100010001 wink wink" (whatever -that- means)