Monday, July 28, 2008

A message from Britney.

I was as shocked as you were when I first watched this. We really haven't made fun of Britney in a while. Don't worry, the second she messes up again we will be all over it.

Thanks for the heads up Brit!


Sarah said...

once in college (with murdoch) our school's paper put out an april fools issue in which they made up stupid shit for the by-lines. one, i found particularly funny, for reasons i cannot quite explain: "a taco filled with tacos. a taco taco!" it blew murdoch's mind then, and i suspect it would blow britney's mind now.

dammit. now i really, REALLY want a taco.

Anonymous said...

The Tacos makes the whole video.

Puck said...

clearly, Britney is aiming too high. i mean, come ON; you guys are fuckin' PESU-Pee! and she thinks -you're- gonna help her out?! she should try one of the B-grade rags (like the Times or the Journal) first and save herself the shame of being turned down by you guys