Sunday, July 13, 2008

Living Lohan...Again...Unfortunately

Well it was another sad day for me. I sat through yet again another episode of a disgusting show. I have to admit though, I missed some parts of the show because I was flipping between that and re-runs of MTV's Two-A-Days...which is a sick sick show. I mean what more could a man want...high school cheerleaders, football, and oh did I mention...high school cheerleaders?

Quick recap of last nights show:

Ali starts to make a record (basically just a song) with an artist named Jeremy Greene. Uhm...I have no idea who this guy is, he has no wikipedia page, so to me he's not real.

Dina starts to complain that she never has any time to herself because shes soooo busy managing the careers of Lindsay and Ali. (Let me remind you that Lindsay is in LA and hasn't seen her mother in months, and Ali doesn't have a career.)

Later in the episode, Ali has an epiphany that the song is just "not her", so she quits...during studio time. Then she starts crying and complaining that Jeremy is being mean, because I mean all the guy did was pay for the studio and fly out to do a song with her.

The best part of the episode was while Ali was working in the studio Dina began to whore herself out. She went to a gym (I didn't know that you can join a gym for just a day), got her nails done, and hung out with Hugh and the Girls Next Door. The whole time this montage is going on Dina just keeps bragging about how Ali is recording a new hit song and it's going be on the radio soon blah blah blah. Well...maybe next time Ali.

Living Lohan By the Numbers:

Number of Times a Lohan Complained: 11

Number of Times I Switched Between Shows: 25

Number of Brain Cells Lost: 3,000 (equal to getting hit in the head with a baseball traveling roughly between 96-102 mph)

Verdict: Never....I repeat...Never try to order breakfast at a fast food place 5 minutes before they switch over to lunch. It's not fun, and you will be left unsatisfied. Oh The Two Coreys instead of this garbage.

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