Monday, July 28, 2008

Mea Culpa!

Mea Culpa (or "my fault", today's translation of "my bad", more realistic as "I'm sorry", or my 11th grade Macroeconomic teacher Mr. Lefsky used to mean it "sorry you caught me ogling your 11th grade goodies girls") for all the following. There have been some crazy things said on this blog, and I just want to clear the air.

1) Madonna's daughter has a mustache. And the makings of a unibrow.

2) Britney, you got boring. We can't cover you anymore.

3) That post by anonymous. You know him/her, right? That guy/girl that always posts shit they can't back up cause he/she has a man/vagina. And I quote: "I hope that all of you that make this hateful and reckless comments about Heath burn blissfully in hell. It's so classy of you to take the plunge on him now that he can't fight back... Really brave! Yeah... Awesome.... Just fucking burn in hell. All of you, motherfuckers!"

First off... Language! I'm sure if you believe in hell, and don't like blaspheming about the dead, you know that wishing someone else burns in hell is kinda a sin that puts you yourself in hell. But semantics aside, I don't give a shit about Heath Ledger. He had a drug overdose after banging one of the Olsen twins. He's hardly a saint. If he was a stand-up guy, he woulda been with his wife (not ex) and daughter instead of living it up in a brownstone whilst banging 1/2 of Michelle from Full House. I did say it's a shame he's gone cause he was a damn good actor just ready to go about his career, but the more I think about it, it was probably just the drugs he was on that made him a great Joker.

And "taking the plunge on him now that he's gone"? First off, I make fun of the living. Have you read any posts on this website? Nobody expected the bastard to be dead at 28. Had he gotten off the drugs, I wouldn't have to make fun of him.

Now, anonymous, you're one of two types of people. First, you can't take a joke. In which case, why the hell are you on this site???!!!??? And PLEASE SHUT UP! Or, you're some sort of celeb jock-sniffer that feels closer to someone they read about in the news and see on tv because they have no real relationships in their life. In which case, take some sleeping pills and shuffle off this mortal coil to meet your boy Heath.

Or, you could be playin' the Chris Crocker "leave Heathy alone!" angle. In which case, touche good sir. And to you (the third version), I offer my "Mea Culpa!"

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