Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Will Smith... Ugh

What has a full coat of fur? Runs around on all fours? Eats kibbles and bits? When it gets excited it wags its tail? And barks?

The Answer: A dog!! If you got that right congratulations. If you got that wrong... stop reading this blog (Rosie O'donald is also acceptable).

OK, let’s try this again.

What works in Hollywood? Makes big time movies? Donates millions of dollars to a school aimed to teach children the power of science and the flaws of modern medicinal and education? And hangs out with Tom Cruise?

The Answer: A scientologist right? WRONG. The answer is Will Smith. Now your asking isn't that one in the same?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen it appears that Will Smith is a full time Scientologist now even though he still denies his connection to the church. I really think this whole Scientology thing is getting out of control.

People will say, “Leave them only, they aren’t hurting anyone.”

Oh yeah? Do you know how influential Hollywood is to the assholes and weak willed people? How long is before becoming Scientology becomes the latest fad for 13 year old girls?

Please don’t think of me as some kind of closed minded fool. Sure I am speaking out against a group of people solely based on their beliefs. I don’t mind what they believe in, I just hate when people try to share their beliefs with me and other young people. You know what other group I hate solely based on their beliefs. The Nazi’s. Do you still think I am a bigot?

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