Monday, July 14, 2008

Miss USA Falls, Again.

In Miss Universe pageants you see women walk, smile, walk some more and smile even more. You see them walk in bikinis you see them walk in dresses. You see them walk together, you see them walk alone. You see them walk up stairs, you see them walk down stairs.

How they are judged, I have no idea. They all walk and smile and one eventually wins. In a "competition" which you are judged solely on walking and smiling there are only two things you can do to truly blow your chances of winning.

One, have no teeth. Two, fall down.

Miss USA obviously didn't work very hard at the second part. Sure she smiled... She smiled the shit out of the competition. However, it was that whole walking thing that got her. Damn it... Why didn't she train on her walking. We all know that Americans always have trouble in the walking sections of the "competition". I mean look at last years competition.

Two years in a row our American representative fell down. Really America? Seriously USA? I don't care if next years rep doesn't have teeth, just make sure she doesn't fall again. This shit is getting embarrassing.

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