Friday, May 30, 2008

What the Hell is That!?

A rare uncontacted tribe in the Amazon has been photographed for the first time from the air (seriously, what the hell is that?). Of course some stupid tree-hugging, hemp necklace-making, non meat-eating, sticky bud-smoking, haircut-needing, sweaty feet-smelling hippies have come to the aid of these savages. A group who calls itself Survival International has made it a top priority of theirs to educate the world about this tribe and others like it, and also save them I guess (other top priorities of the group include: watching Dazed and Confused on HBO tonight, sleeping past 1pm, and bringing back the 5-5-5 deal at Domino’s).

Why do we need to save these people, they are retarded. Look at the picture…they are shooting a bow and arrow at a plane….a fucking plane! If anything the world could do without them. I’d rather ride shotgun in Nick Hogan’s car than save these weirdos (actually, that’s a complete lie, but it sounded funny when I said it in my head).

Sweet village you losers...


Puck said...

awesome post! very maddox-ian of you

it's an interesting paradox: preserving the old (and, often, mind-numbingly obsolete) vs. progressing forward. i'm not sure how i feel about it

weens said...

I know exactly how I feel about it...exploit them, take their land, and look for oil and other goodies.

It's the American Way!