Thursday, May 8, 2008

D.M.X. in H.A.N.D.C.U.F.F.S.

DMX was arrested today for driving over 110 miles an hour in January. Yeah… how does that work? I thought that if you got home without a ticket… you weren’t speeding. But apparently Big Brother is stopping us from speeding now too. What next? I can’t pee in my front yard anymore? Where’s the line?

Anyway, DMX getting arrested isn’t the story. Big Brother taping him speeding and charging him 3 months later isn’t the story. The story is what the hell happened to DMX? He looks like he is 80 in this picture. Look at his neck, its thinner then a homeless mans budget for a new cardboard condo. The guy thinks he’s a dog, always barking in his music, looks more like Old Yeller. In the picture he looks more miserable then Michael Vick’s dogs (too soon? PETA give me a break on this one). Hold on I need to come up with one more dog joke… ahhhh. Shoot, I don’t think I have one.

Oh well, DMX you’re old take it easy for your great grandchildren’s sake.

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