Thursday, May 8, 2008

Facebook 5.0!!

The social networking giant Facebook will be adding more than 40 new safeguards to protect its users from pedophiles/stalkers/losers and bullies. However, women (including minors) are still allowed to post scandalous pictures of themselves basically inviting creeps to try and contact them. Imagine if McDonald's came out with an ad for a new quadruple cheeseburger...but then the Surgeon General said it was too unhealthy and banned people from eating it (whatever...I teared up a bit after that sentence, don't judge me). Maybe if girls stopped acting like whores these 50 year old losers would realize how sad their lives are and commit suicide. Also, bullying is part of life. If your a dork can name all the planets in the Star Wars Galaxy you deserved to get made fun of. So far 49 states have agreed to the terms while Texas obviously was against it. When asked why Texas simply responded, "Remember the Alamo". I'm not quite sure what the means but all I know is...I'm scared...

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