Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mariah At Least Throw Like A Girl!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want a WNBA player as my wife. I want to be able to beat her at any athletic event we can possibly play. Hey, I want her to beat me at every domestic event we can think of like cooking and cleaning you know all that stuff that women love to do but after watching this video… Wow. I need a girl, who you know, isn’t retarded. When I am sitting out the couch and ask her to throw me a beer, I don’t need her to spike it on the ground. That would make the floor all sticky and shit. I need her to be able to toss it (underhand of course) to me.

“And Hey, What did I say about you showing those ankles like that!”

A quadriplegic could throw a better first pitch then this. He could use his lip to press the button to move his chair forward and then stop and the ball would roll off his lap and be closer to a strike then Mariah's toss.

What kind of cleats are those? Only large spike and it is in the back near the heel? That doesn’t even make sense. Mariah, did Nick Canon teach you to throw like that?

Japanese are into some weird shit, but this tops the charts… although what did they think when Rosanne sang the national anthem?

Lesson learned, let’s let ball players throw the pitches, singers sing and fat people… eat stuff.

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