Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cynthia Nixon set to marry boyfriend...

Look at the happy couple. The "smart with a nice personality" chick from Sex and the City and her boyfriend. Wait, that boyfriend of hers looks an awful lot like Rachel Dratch from SNL. HOLY CRAP! That's a chick. Ok, two problems with this, and I bet they're not what you think they are.

1) Lesbians like girls. Right? So why do most of them (or at least half) dress like guys with the short hair and baggy dress pants? I mean, if you want to let yourself go, fine, but don't wear fashions from the mid-90's and get ambiguous about your gender. If you want to be a lesbian, fine with me! Girls are hot! I get it! I totally agree! They're curvy, soft and very attractive. So if you're going to put a social stigma on yourself, you might as well enjoy it by getting some babe rather than a dumpy broad that looks like the man that you swear you don't like anyways cause guys are disgusting. Plus, Cynthia Nixon is probably very rich and famous from that crappy-show-turned-movie-that-discourages-all-women-by-making-them-think-something-is-inherently-wrong-with-them-but-they-eat-it-up-anyways. She could get a way better gay gal!

2) There's something else about this union that makes it suspect. To quote Cynthia herself: (from IMDB WENN news linked at the picture above)

"It (marriage) is something my girlfriend is interested in and it was not something my boyfriend (Danny Mozer, with who she spilt after 15 years together) ever was. I think that to get married to her would be a little act of rebellion. It's like if you've never had the vote and then you get it you're going to run out there and vote. I always avoided marriage in the past and was very wary of it. I felt like it was potentially a trap. People sometimes want the party, the gifts, and the public celebration of this big love - they're excited about that rather than the life commitment. So I always stayed clear of it."

So essentially what she's saying is that she's not really into marriage, but she wants to rebel against the boy who dumped her after 15 years by dating (and now marrying) a girl that looks like a boy, cause she doesn't need men now! And what offends me here, is that it's not really a choice to be lesbian or gay. Cause if it was, I doubt most people would pick being gay because of all the gay bashing out there. I don't think you choose to be different, you just are, and you become proud of your mix of differences and similarities with everyone else. So if you get dumped by someone, you can't just change teams! It belittles the whole system. Now, if you're sayin maybe she was into women the whole time, then why do you date a man for 15 years when you're in the most liberal place in the world (NYC) with it's own VILLAGE bigger than that of Santa's (minus creepy elves) that completely accept you? Plus she's rich! And she didn't hesistate when she switched teams anyways.

Eh. Good thing she's ugly.

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