Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Hey ladies, here is some proof that it's not only American males that act sophomoric their whole lives. When you go abroad and look for a sophisticated man who will take you from your miserable life and treat you like the princess you really are remember this story.

Three 29 year old Swiss men returned to their hotel after a night at a disco. They were presumably wearing bell bottoms, oversized floral patterned collard shirts, platform shoes and love beads at the time (those Swiss are so behind the times). They decided to have a friendly spitting contest… off their third story hotel room balcony.

Desiring to increase the distance of his spit one of the men decided to start from inside the hotel room and run onto the balcony. This way when he releases his saliva it would continue at not only the velocity (v) of his spit but his collective momentum (P) of running and the spit…

(it’s science, P = mv) (v = d/t).

The Swiss man however could not control his P and upon hitting the railing he was carried over it and fell to his death. Which leads me to think of Newton’s 3rd Law: law of reciprocal actions, which can be articulated best by: "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction".

If you are acting like a really big asshole… you are probably going to die in a really dumb way. Dare I bring up the Darwin Awards?

*Thanks to Sarah for showing me this article.

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Sarah said...

a shout-out on PESU? oh man! best day ever. you are welcome, mr. murdoch. you are so, so welcome.

awesome post, ps. you did more with this article than i really thought could be done. very nice.