Friday, May 23, 2008

Jenna Jameson Wants Babies Not Penises

Jenna Jameson is going to have kids. Jenna fucking Jameson is going to have kids. Honestly… would you rather be Jenna Jameson’s kid or Hitler’s? I feel like you would get made fun of less for being Hitler’s.

How do you explain to your child that you are the most famous porn star of all time? What happens when the kid turns 13 and he is trying to get his rocks off? He goes to his favorite porn site and bam! His mother naked. If that doesn’t kill a bone I don’t know what would.

Plus all of his friends, they can really say I saw your mom get double penetrated. And the kid can not say anything. In fact if he does they can just show him.

I say 17. Yup 17 years old then he either offs himself or runs away to join the circus. Be one of those clowns in that small car. There is no way there are more clowns in there, OH MY GOD, 7 more of the goofy bastards just came out. How do those incredibly scary creatures do that?

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