Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Indiana Jones Pure Fiction

“Real Experts” (who are better then fake experts) decided that they would make it known that the life of an archaeologist isn’t as exciting as the movie Indiana Jones makes it look.

“Real experts in antiquities acknowledge that the (Indiana Jones) movies are pure fiction that present archaeology as blockbuster adventure, yet they cannot help but cringe at the way Indy manhandles the ancient world.”

Holy shit. Are you telling me an archaeologist’s life isn’t about killing Nazi’s and getting the girl? They don’t run around caves, talk to ghosts and discover ancient artifacts that are cursed? They don’t even carry a bull whip?

My college advisor was a fucking liar. Time to switch majors… I am thinking about switching to Urban American Studies. Maybe then I can learn why black girls don’t like me. Come on ladies, I am an equal opportunity lover.

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