Monday, May 5, 2008

The Engagement Ring: Society’s Bane?

In today’s society, women relate the amount of money a man spends on her engagement ring to how much he loves her. Does that mean Kobe Bryant is able to love a woman more than I can because he has a fatter wallet? It might…run it by that young girl in Colorado and see what she has to say.

Women cannot wait for the day that they can finally flash that shiny rock on their newly weighted down left hand to their family and more importantly, their friends. From the second that rock is presented, the woman realizes that the ten years of secretly planning her dream wedding can be made public and she can finally become a princess for a day. Everybody’s eyes will finally all be focused on her. People will laugh, cry, and share fond memories of the past due to this joyous occasion.

Now the wedding is over. What’s left? A $50,000 wedding tab, some photographs, and a man that you have to spend the rest of your life waking up next to. To the women that read that last sentence and were happy or excited by this sentiment, this does not apply to you, but for the other 85% out there, it is a very real and very scary thought. Think about it. That ring isn’t worth two squirts of piss. That man you wake up next to every day is going to affect your life, your happiness, be there for your ups and have to hold you through your downs. Don’t equate that ring to love. Judge the man for the man. Not for a fucking stone.

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