Thursday, May 29, 2008

The South is Silly

Chris Cagle is a country singer who has recently made it to the number 3 spot in the country music top 10 with his song “What Kinda Gone”(wow almost English). Cagle and his girlfriend were seen in a bar in Nashville last night when the two became intoxicated and got into a verbal argument. This wouldn’t be news except that later that same night the police were called to Cagle’s apartment and he was arrested for domestic assault after he hit his girlfriend.

Wait, a red neck got drunk and hit his red neck girlfriend? How the hell is this news? Personally I can’t believe that he got arrested for it. I thought getting drunk and hitting women was as accepted in the south as their custom of not learning to read.


Sarah said...


...rednecks are funny.

Puck said...

what the hell is this country comin' to, when you can't slap around your woman for givin' ya sass?! next thing ye know, they'll be lettin' them hippies burn flags and sayin' it's ok for ******s to vote!