Tuesday, May 6, 2008

That’s a good change.

Ryan Reynolds is engaged again, but this time to a fellow human being. Ryan and Scarlett Johansson announced their engagement yesterday. Prompting E-online to write this gem:

“Ryan Reynolds has more than Scarlett fever—he has a Scarlett fiancée.”

Wow, great journalism.

Some of you might be scratching your head thinking, “Ryan Reynolds is engaged again. I didn’t know he was engaged a first time.” Well for those of you that were unaware or intentionally blocked it out of their minds, Ryan Reynolds was previously engaged to Alanis Morissette. "Youououououou oughta know" that (you see what I did there? I used a line from one of her songs as a statement to make you, the reader, laugh. However it wasn’t funny, but hey if it doesn’t stop E! it sure as hell won’t stop me).

How the hell do you go from Alanis to Scarlett? That is like me going from playing NBA Jam to playing in the NBA. It could happen but where am I going to put my Cheetos?

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