Friday, May 30, 2008

An Alien I Am.

Denver – Stan Romanek was sitting in his Colorado home when he saw something at the window. It appeared be the face of a creature he had never seen before. With a quick thinking and reaction time Romanek grabbed his video camera and began to record the creature. Then he realized that this four-foot tall grayish green creature was an extraterrestrial, alien to the layman.

Even though Romanek was only able to record the creatures head it is said that in the video you can see the face blinking and breathing. When asked if it could have been a sock with a hand in it and two buttons sewn on for eyes Romanek said:

"No, come on, who wears green socks?"

The video has since been shown to film experts who have agreed that the video has not been altered. There are no special effects or editing in the video proving that whatever is seen was really there. The video will be held from the public for sometime however PESU has the exclusive feed on this one. I managed to get the raw footage and am posting it here. For the first time you will see a small grayish green creature from another world. Please brace yourself, this footage will shock you:

Wow truly amazing stuff. Who the hell is that robot? Is that the aliens spaceship? Romanek looks a lot like Mark Hamill. Colorado doesn’t really look like I imagined it, oh well, I’m not a very good skier anyway.

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Puck said...

wow. i just laughed so hard that i lost all snarky comments