Friday, May 23, 2008

No Pictures

A couple things. First off, thank you to all of our fans that have told us that we are doing a good job. I keep hearing from Murdoch and a bunch of our readers that we have a funny site and that we should "keep up the good work". But I have not heard it from any of our readers on the blog. If I had a nickel for each person that said something good, but didn't comment or vote in the polls, we wouldn't have to advertise.

We appreciate you reading us, but it seems like we're talking into an open mic broadcasting into space without feedback. If you'd like us to write something, post it as a comment anywhere. What makes writing this blog enjoyable is to hear your perspective on our posts. And as Puff/Daddy/Diddy/P/Nutty/Duddy/Whatever said: "VOTE OR DIE". Which kind of goes against the whole democracy thing. I mean, we're not Kuwait... (too soon?).

Two more things. 1) Have fun reviewing "Trapped in the Closet" Murdoch. Sucker.

2) Jenna Jameson having a son, yes, terrible, awkward, the kid'll off himself. BUT... if she has a daughter... Oh god yes. Another, younger her. She can do some mother-daughter scenes. So let's all pray to God... GIRL! GIVE US PINK! (clothing for all you sicko's out there).


Scott T. said...

In December of 2007, the British Sunday Times stated that there were 85,000 Elvis impersonators compared with just 150 in 1977. If growth continues at the same rate, by 2019, 1 out of every 3 people in the world will be an Elvis impersonator.

Dave A said...

"Living Lohan" Apparently Momma Lohan will be staring in a brand-spanking new reality called Living Lohan where she guides her almost cracked out soon to be easier than her sister daughter into a music career...I'd love to see some of the PESU staff write about this, it makes me want to stab a fork in my eye to block the pain.

Dave A said...
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