Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Afternoon Shout-out

Puck, Sarah, Dave A, and Scott T. Good job. I remember the days when Kramer was the only one writing comments (where did he end up?). Our next poll will deal with one of the 4 of us having to watch and post about the rest of the "Living Lohan" series. I'd hate to think who'll have to do that *cough*Murdoch*cough*. And that one is probably thanks in part to Dave A's comment. Scott T wants something about Elvis impersonators. By God as our witness, we will provide (don't know the angle yet though).

Also, the good folks at PESU will be sending out a weekly or semi-weekly email with a brief description of our new posts. If you'd like to be added to this listing, please send an email to with the subject "add me". We'll try and put you on the listing from here on out. Also, let us know what other things are bugging you, and we'll tell you our spin on it.

Happy commenting! And thanks again for all of your responses on the crazy poll (83 votes).


Sarah said...

wow, i am going to be the coolest kid at the office today, for having my name in a shout-out on PESU. or, y'know, fired for reading blogs instead of doing work. but whatever, small price to pay.

Mr. Murdoch said...

I don't even know 84 people. Thanks to everyone who voted (for Loki and Mr. Book). Wow I can't wait to watch R-Kelly's masterpiece and drop the ill knowledge onto you all. Thanks for reading and look out for our next poll in which you will determine who will be our Lohan Liaison. This prestigious award entitles not only that this person watches the show weekly but they also must post about what they saw. Please vote for who you want to be you connection to the reality nightmare that is Dina Lohan.

BSB said...

Dear Mr. Murdoch,
I can not wait for your inevitable third article: a critical comparison between Dina and R-.
That's what you get for building that piece of shite Titanic! Justice has been served!
All in a day's work for,
the Big Sky Bandit

Kramer said...

I appreciate the acknowledgment!