Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feldman/Haim 2008

You will never believe this story. I don't know how it's not mainstream news. The famous Corey's from the 80's have a reality show together on A&E. Apparently it's on its second season. (I will call this Amazing Fact #1).

Amazing Fact #2

Both Coreys confront each other on the show. They are mad at each other for sitting idly by while they were getting molested by separate men when they were both 14 years old. HOW ARE WE NOT WATCHING THIS???

Haim berates Feldman for standing by while an unnamed man interfered with him. In the fiery episode, he says, "You let me get f**cked around in my life. Raped, so to speak, when I was 14 and a half, by a guy you still hang out with. "What did you think when you saw that s**t going on with me?" Feldman replies, "I was being molested at the same time by someone else. What did you do?"

Amazing Fact #3

And there were further reports that Feldman actually had to come out to the public and refute that the man raping him was Michael Jackson. Feldman actually reports that he and Michael have their own problems, but that "Beat It" didn't, well, you know... (For some reason this reminds me of the Diff'rent Strokes episode with the child molester linked here).

Amazing Fact #4

Feldman's wife, pictured above, is posing for Playboy for free. Apparently Hef was at Corey's wedding and is close friends with the 80's actor (Why are all 80's has-beens great friends with Playboy? Is that why they're all has-beens? Have they lost all of their man-mojo by spilling it out in the famous grotto?). So naturally Hef being invited to the wedding gave him the right to go up to the bride and say "hey can I sell pictures of your tits in a nationwide magazine?" I mean, what kinda gift did he give them so that she'd do it for free? Cause I'm going to a wedding later this summer, and while I'm not interested in the bride, I'm sure there's someone there I'd like to entice into naked pics for my own uses.

Amazing Fact #5

Has-been 80's child star that got raped by a man (not "Thriller" I swear) and let his wife pose naked for all of America to see for free while getting his own crappy reality show- got that hot piece up above...


Johnny McNugget said...

Amazing Fact #6

I LOVE THIS SHOW! (and I'm not kidding)


Sarah said...


come on. that would be AWESOME! i nominate mcnugget.

weens said...

Ok, this is bizarre. I had heard of the show when it was first coming on the air, hadn't heard of it since, and assumed both Corey's had died in a horrible arson fire.

Today, I read the site, was reminded of this TV filler material, and the went about my day. Five minutes later, the show was mentioned on the radio. Apparently they played a song from the 50's when someone was in a bathtub with a lot of bubbles. Sounds hysterical!

Can't wait to forget about this show once again.

Although, long live whichever Corey did the voice of Donatello in the live-action Ninja Turtles movie!!!

Puck said...

oh man, if corey-the-mouth says "do the truffle shuffle" on the show, please, PLEASE let me know about it!

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Anonymous said...

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