Monday, June 9, 2008

Living Lohan S01E03 "Mean Girls"

The episode from 50,000 feet (any closer and you'd actually die of boredom):

Ali is unhappy because girls at school pick on her.

Dina takes Ali to an African American performing arts group, called IMPACT, which focuses on staying positive.

Ali is interviewed by Stacy London (of What Not to Wear fame) on Access Hollywood.

The episodes ends with Ali still being sad and Ali giving an average at best interview.

Living Lohan by the numbers:

Times Lindsay is mention by name (or a picture of her is shown): 37 times in 22 minutes.

Times this episode is shown in the 24 hours since from the debut (inclusive): 3

Minutes of my life I'll never get back: 30

Verdict: Don't waste your time. Your time would have been better spent farting in the coconut shaped cup that your buddy drinks fruity alcoholic beverages out of.

1 comment:

weens said...

Congratulations, you've watched Living Lohan and survived. Few men have accomplished what you have. I commend you.

By the way, I know someone with a coconut shaped cup, and he tends to drink fruity alcoholic beverages! What are the odds! I love coincidences.