Monday, June 2, 2008

Nirvana Rules

Some incredibly dark and shocking news has been reported. Courtney Love, is reporting that her dead husband, Nirvana’s lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain’s ashes have been stolen. Wow, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to steal a man’s ashes.

Nirvana is still to this day one of my favorite bands. Growing up I probably listened to them more then I listened to my mother. There was something about their style of music and their lyrics, more poetry then song that I don’t think has happened since. Not since the great John Lennon lead The Beatles has a band captured its audience and changed the face of the world.

So I must repeat myself… Why would anyone want to steal Kurt’s ashes? The man who single handedly saved music from the hair band crap of the 80’s. The man who spoke to the youth of a generation, the man who I used to listen to his music for hours at a time. The man who’s music I lost my virginity while listening too (wow I can’t believe I just put that on the internet). The man who tastes delicious mixed with some cinnamon and syrup on a waffle… Ehhh.

We gotta catch that crook, I bet he definitely doesn’t live in New Jersey and he definitely doesn’t write a blog. No way, No how!!!


Sarah said...

i don't know which is more sick: that you wrote about eating a waffle covered in syrup, cinnamon and cobain, or that this post made me think (in this order): "man, i hate that i won't have a working oven or stove until friday. wait, i have a waffle maker! SWEET!"

Puck said...
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Puck said...

i agree, even though i despise the bloodless, emotionless, tuneless 3rd and 4th generation grunge bands that sprung from the hole in Kurt's head (still too soon?)

my opinion though? CLove snorted his ashes and got so high off of it (let's face it: if anyone's ashes can mess you up for a while, it's Cobain's) that she forgot. that's just one man's theory

weens said...

I think Keith Richards had a hand in this. And who can blame him? HE'S RUNNING OUT OF THINGS TO SNORT!

Long live Keef!!!