Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why Cubes Are Unhealthy

I hate working as much as the next guy. Imagine if you had to sit around and drink all day and write about stupid stories you found online. With the 3 o’clock dance offs, 4 o’clock finger painting and 11:37 wall ball games. I know it is as horrible as it sounds. Also Loki, Book, and McNugget fart a lot and honestly just because we’re all guys doesn’t mean it is cool.

Every once and awhile I feel like I am going to freak out and throw something. Then I remember, I am not a fucking lunatic. Apparently this guy didn’t remember that in time.

I don't really blame him though. Look how terrible that looks, he looks like he is in hell. No, not figuratively speaking, like in real hell. Like Satan is going to turn the corner and say "Hey guys, did you send that status report yet?"


Sarah said...

wow. there were times, working with the governor, when i wanted to just shove my computer off my desk and peace out, but some little part of my brain stopped me. i think they call it "a voice of reason."

best part for sure = the guy who takes throwing guy out at the ankles. awesome.

Puck said...

oh man, you've just given me the best mental picture that i've had in a while (ok... the second-best):
satan wearing a thin tie holding a coffee mug, leaning against the top of a cubicle. "yyyyyeeeeeeaaaah. didja get that memo?"

bester part for sure = the lady getting a computer monitor to the face!
and i think that, instead of obama or mccain, the person who thought to put that movie to that music should be the new president.

just my opinion

weens said...

This just goes to show what pansies most office workers are. They guy that got hit in the head and the guy that sits next to the maniac that got thrown into the wall both back off and let it happen. Neither stood up to this lunatic and took him to the ground.

The only guy I can almost admire from this video is the dude who went after Psycho when he had the hammer and caught his swing and took him to the ground.

I've already watched this ten or so times. It's really choreographed very well. It almost looks like these guys are onstage in an outtake from Glengary Glenn Ross.