Sunday, June 22, 2008

Living Lohan, Episode 5

We at PesUP waste half an hour of our lives watching Living Lohan, so you only have to waste 1 minute of yours reading the dumb shit we have to say about this train wreck of a TV show:

Bird's eye recap:

- Older brother, Michael, gets in fight with his girlfriend
- Ali and younger brother, Cody, meddle in relationship, invite Michael's gf over and cook them dinner
- Michael and gf kiss and make up
- Ali, Dina and Cody get ready for Ali's trip to Las Vegas to record an album
- Dina tries to convice Nanna to come to Vegas, but Nanna refuses

Living Lohan by the numbers:

Times during the show I thought about a mother/daughter threesome: 6
Years in jail that would get me: 20
Number of red dots I would become on the sex offender map: 1

Verdict: I'd rather trim my pubes with a zippo than have to sit through any more episodes of this show.

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