Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Randolph Gets Sacked

No, not Rudolph, he is still leading Santa's sleigh with his nose so bright.

The New York Mets finally cut ties with now EX-manager Willie Randolph. The Mets fired Randolph last night after the Mets defeated the Angels 9-6 in LA. The firing which came at 12:30AM Pacific time (3:30AM) was not incredibly surprising news as the Mets have slumped during the first half of the season. Many fans thought the firing was long coming after the Mets suffered the worst break down in baseball history when they coughed up a 7 ½ game lead with 17 games to go causing them to miss the playoffs last season.

Some disagreed with the fact that the Mets chose to fire Randolph in the middle of the night however I view it as a sign of respect. In a world where sports media produces billions of dollars a year everyone wants to be the first to break a story or get an interview. If this firing happened in the day time Randolph would be sought after for interviews and comments. Giving Willie time to reflect during the 6 to 8 hour period where America slept hopefully helped. How would you feel if you got canned and then immediately had to go in front of millions of people and talk about the fact that you no longer have a job? Shit if I ever got sacked by PesUP I would top shelf every toilet in the office.

Maybe Willie didn’t sit up all night and think about what he would say. Maybe he got his first real nights sleep in weeks. After the Sword of Damocles finally fell maybe he was finally able to relax. Sometimes knowing your future, no matter how grim is easier then wondering about it. Back in the day of public executions “mercy” was going straight to the ax. Sitting and waiting for the ax is when the torture happened.

I just pray we don’t have to sit through the race issue or the NAACP claiming if he was a white manager he would have been given more time or some crap like that. Please Jesse let this one be!

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