Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wii Think You're Fat

The parents of an 11 year old Lincolnshire, UK girl are enraged after the Nintendo Wii Fit called their little porkpie of a daughter overweight. The girl's mother was quoted by the BBC News as saying, "She doesn't need to lose weight...she's got a lot of growing left to do."

I've just about had it with this overly sensitive, hyper-litigious world (no, this is not the beginning of a suicide note; sorry to disappoint). When are parents going to learn to take responsibility for their kids? If you see that your child is not getting enough exercise, it's on you, the parent, to buy them a hamster wheel that they can run on. If they continue to get fatter, it's up to the parents to replace the juice in the bottle that hangs in their cage with water and to buy a house with a larger, fenced in yard.

And please, when your kid shits in my yard, have the common friggin' courtesy to pick up after them. I'm sick of stepping in your kids' shit.


weens said...

What about the other side of the argument?

(I hope that worked...)

Nuff said...

weens said...

By the way, I just found an article with another picture of her...this one from the front.

I suggest reading through the article to the part where they start quoting YouTube users...f'in hysterical.

Oh, and "angry user mongrelssister"...gotta be at least 350.

weens said...

Oh's the link to the article I didn't put in the last post...

silly Brits