Monday, June 16, 2008

Living Lohan: Take II

Well, its official…a second member of the PesuP team has made it through an episode of Living Lohan.

Ali complains that she is the only one in the house that works. (which as sad as it sounds is true)

Ali complains she wants a new dog. (there’s already 5 dogs in the house, 2 of which are Lindsay’s)

Mother Lohan says no to the new dog, Ali gets it anyway, Mother agrees to a 24 hour trial period with the dog, Ali gets to keep the dog. (the best part of the montage was getting to watch that spoiled brat pick up dog shit and put it in a plastic bag)

I have to say though; the coolest person on this terrible excuse for a show is the Grandmother. The whole time this dog nonsense is going on the grandma just sits in the kitchen and says “You said no, but your daughter got the dog. You have no power as a mother your children walk all over you”. Finally, someone tries to talk some sense into this family. However, since she’s like 90, five minutes after she said that she forgot where she was and started complaining about how when she was a kid ice cream only cost a nickel.

Living Lohan by los numeros:

Times I wished someone would napalm the Lohan House: 1,362.

Times Ali used a fake New York Accent (ie: dawg, cawfe): 25.

Verdict: Show blows.

Interesting note: during the first commercial break I farted and it smelt like apples.


Loki said...

Impressive. You managed to wish somebody would napalm the house every 1.32 seconds (if you were wishing during commercials) or every .97 seconds if you took a rest during the commercials. Yeah, I can watch the Kardashians, but the Lohan show is beyond dogshit.

The Girl said...
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Sarah said...

i just appreciate these posts because now i can discuss living lohan (and how completely retarded it is as both a concept AND an actual show), without ACTUALLY watching it.

also, number of people who are surprised mcnugget reported on his flatulence...anybody? hands?