Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ode to the Robot I Wish I Had

I wish I had a robot every single day
I would spend so much time with him,
His name would be Jose`.

He would have an air conditioner as an ass
So on super hot summer days,
I would sit in all the glory of his gas.

He would be made of metal and very shiny,
When girls came over to my apartment,
He would take pictures of their hinies.

He would be so big, strong and smart,
And when I had a bad day,
He would make me a smore’s poptart.

He would do all the annoying things that I don’t want to:
Working, talking to my girlfriend, voting,
Writing in cursive and helping my kids with school.

And when I get old and start to die,
My Robot friend would start to build,
A monument of me big enough, to block out the sky.

What? Robots are fucking awesome! I didn't feel like writing a post today so I decided to do this... She's just being Miley

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